About LD2

We offer a variety of design, marketing, and branding services to meet even the most demanding business requirements. And behind every project is over 20 years of professional design and marketing experience ensuring your project is developed to the highest of standards.

Core Philosophy

  • Creativity backed by a targeted and focused strategy
  • Experienced and knowledgeable designers
  • Highest level of customer support
  • Insightful business marketing assistance
  • Flawless design and production capabilities
  • Exceed our Client’s expectations

Focused Communication Strategy

Unlike many of the other design services available who quickly churn out logo designs based on nothing more than “does it look cool”, all of our business logo designs are based a strategic communication strategy. A highly-focused and targeted creative work plan that has taken us years to develop, revise, and revise again, in order to create the perfect creative foundation from which your logo design is built.

Affordable Pricing Structure

Whether your an established, lucrative enterprise or a home-based business in the beginning stages of development, we can offer many convenient, and affordable packages.

If you’re concerned about your budget (or lack thereof), we’re comfortable working within tight parameters. Simply let us know what you what you need, the details of your project and we’ll be happy to discuss options to meet your goals.

Logo Design and Beyond

In order for your business to effectively communicate its brand message, all of your marketing materials — both print and digital — need to to have a consistent look, tone, and style. Having a single, experienced source at the helm ensures your brand message stays consistent and in-line with the mindset of your target market.

Our services don’t stop at just providing the best logo design services. In addition to professionally designed logos, stationery, corporate identities, company slogans and digital templates, we also have extensive experience in designing effective marketing materials such as business flyers, sales kits, direct mailpresentation foldersPowerPoint presentations, HTML e-mail newsletters, and the most powerful website design services on the Internet.