Company Slogans

We create memorable company slogans!

A tagline is a word or phrase that identifies and explains a product’s or company’s benefit to the consumer in a meaningful way.

A great tagline will have a personality all its own and connect with the consumer in some sort of emotional way that makes it memorable.

The differnce between a tagline and a slogan is that slogans can change from campaign to campaign while a great tagline is created to last, and in some cases become part of our everyday life and cultural history.

At Logo Design Logo Design “Quality is Job 1” so “We try harder” everyday to “Think Different“. To create customized taglines and slogans that are “M’m M’m Good.” That have that essential “Snap! Crackle! Pop” so your business or product can “Reach out and touch someone.”

So “Let your fingers do the walking” and check out some of the taglines and slogans we’ve created for other clients. We think you’ll agree that “We bring good things to life.”

Note: The above mentioned taglines/slogans are copyrighted material of their perspective companies and are used for demonstrative purposes only. LD2 in no way claims authorship for the above creative and respects the strategy, hard work, and dedication of those who did.