Compare Logo Design Packages

We understand every business, new or established, has different needs and financial restrictions. To help meet those needs, we’ve strategically created the following comprehensive logo design packages.

Please take a moment to review our list of pre-configured packages and pricing structure.

If one of the logo design packages doesn’t meet your exact needs, we’ll be more than happy to work with you to create one that does. Simply request customized logo design estimate with the requested à la carte items you need. We will review your request and promptly get back to you with an estimate.

If you require more than a logo designed for your business, please feel free to review the Corporate Identity Design Packages we have available.

Logo Design Packages

Strategic Planning
Creative Work PlanYESYESYESYES
Logo Designs & Revisions
3 designs + 2 revisionsYES   
5 designs + 3 revisions YES  
7 designs + 5 revisions  YES 
10 designs + 7 revisions   YES
Print Formats (Color)
High-resolution files that can be used for professional print production.
2-color .EPS (if applicable) YESYESYES
White .EPS (if applicable)  YESYES
4-color .PSD  YESYES
4-color .TIF  YESYES
Print Formats (B&W)
Web Formats
Low-resolution (72 dpi) files that should only be used on a website, as email attachments, or on documents that will be distributed via the Internet.
 Web-safe .JPG
 Web-safe .PNG
 Web-safe .GIF (200 pixels)
 Web-safe .GIF (300 pixels)
 Web-safe .GIF (400 pixels)
 Web-safe .GIF (500 pixels)
Full Rights TransferYESYESYESYES
Logo Design$$$$