Design Services Guarantee

We understand how some clients can feel a bit nervous — even skeptical — about placing the care and development of one of their most precious business assets into the hands of someone they don’t know, haven’t met, and possibly located hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Three things you should keep in mind:

  • The high quality of our logo design work
  • The amazing testimonials we constantly receive from satisfied clients.
  • And our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our guarantee is simple. We believe your satisfaction is the key to running a successful design service. That’s why we offer a complete design satisfaction guarantee to all our Clients. If you are not 100% satisfied with our design services — for any reason — we will refund your project deposit.

The mere fact we offer a guarantee should tell you we believe in our process, our design and communication skills, and that we stand behind everything we do. So much so, we have yet to have an unhappy client. Which goes to show that having a guarantee means delivering such an exceptional product that the guarantee never needs to be used.

An that’s saying something.