Frequently Asked Questions

What is a logotype?

A logotype is logo designed with type only — without any supporting graphics, icons, or business marks. Logo’s such as Calvin Klein and Altoids are examples of a logotype design.

What is an E.P.S.?

EPS stands for Encapsulated Postscript. It is a vector-based file format that is infinitely scaleable. This means it can be scaled to ANY size without loss in print quality. It is the recommended format for logo design.

What is a Logo Reference Chart?

A logo reference chart displays all full-color and grayscale options of your logo along with their corresponding file name in an easy to read, print, and distribute PDF format.

What is a Style Guide?

Once your logo update is approved, we will develop a Style Guide to address the application of your new “logo system” This is a critical tool for businesses that use their logo on a wide variety of sales and marketing materials, including brochures, web sites, and point-of-purchase pieces.

Style Guides include a visual display all full-color and grayscale formats of the logo, corresponding file names, color schemes, and recommended usage. Additionally, it provides compositions and layouts of Office Suite elements as well as essential information regarding printing.

The format will enable you to print the guide for use within your organization, or send it electronically to vendors and designers.