Logotype Design Services

Logotype designs — you see them everywhere. You may not notice them, but trust us, they’re everywhere.

Have you looked at the package of toothpaste sitting on your bathroom counter? Perhaps it’s a tube of Crest, Pepsident, or AuqaFresh.

How about the can of StarKist tuna or the box of Reynolds Wrap sitting in your pantry?

Each is an excellent example of of a product logoype. Examples of business logotypes can also be seen in a majority of professional service providers such as physicians, dentists, and attorney’s. They are also commonly used for magazines and newspaper organizations.

What makes a Logotype different?

The primary difference between a logotype design and other custom designed logos is that a logotpe is designed with type only — without any associated business marks, emblems, or custom illustrations.

Logotype design benefits

A few benefits of using a logotype design over other logo design options are as follows:

Not that other logo design options can’t be simple, just that the primary attribute of a logotype design is clarity. There is no confusion about who or what the logotype represents.
Since a logotype design does not include additional business marks or emblems, the logotype is more often easier to read at smaller sizes and from greater distances.
For the most part, the process of designing a logotype is much faster than other highly-customized logo options allowing you to get you business to market in the least amount of time.
Cost Effective:
The logotype design project process is shorter which equates to greater savings.

Perhaps a logotype design is exactly what your business, product or service needs —or maybe it’s not. If you’re unsure, please feel free to contact us to discuss which direction would work best for your specific situation. In the meantime, to view a side-by-side comparisons of our logo design packages